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 Why we love what we do

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RichNSwift Apparel was founded by Sha-neek Roper and Levon Labastide of Brooklyn, New York. Our goal is to allow people to be different and express themselves through fashion. RichNSwift exists to make a positive impact on teenage dreams. We have always had a passion for fashion. We started with an idea and
we made it happen. Even though we grew up in a rough neighborhood, we strive to make the right choices and hope
to inspire other young people to keep their goals in sight and
don't stop until they reach them. 

We believe in making high-quality, handcrafted apparel, through attention to every detail, giving people the opportunity to stand apart by choosing a style as individual as they are. 

Everything we do is driven by our values:


Choose to win. 

EST. 2012

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